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Serving Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, and West Los Angeles

Advanced Diagnostics
when you need it.

Collaboration and teamwork are essential for patient healthcare.

Waves Mobile ACVIM works to function as a trusted member of your extended team.

Waves Mobile ACVIM is an independently owned company that  partners with local veterinarians to provide comprehensive internal medicine support for their clients.

We ensure continuity of care as we come directly to the comfort of your own hospital.  On-site diagnostics reduce the wait times associated with specialty services and diagnostics.

Dr. Eiler will review the case history, perform advanced diagnostics, and communicate the findings directly to you, the primary veterinarian. She will also provide case guidance, including additional diagnostics, treatments, and prognosis. For an additional fee, Dr. Eiler will call the pet owner to discuss the results and recommendations. 

Dr. Karen Eiler, DVM

Dr. Eiler is a native Californian. She holds a master’s degree in Mammalian Behavioral Ecology and in Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Eiler attended Western University of Health Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, where she graduated with honors in 2007.


She completed her internship and internal medicine residency at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. Dr. Eiler worked at VCA West LA as a boarded internist for ten years. She trained and mentored both interns and internal medicine residents. Dr. Eiler has lectured locally and nationally, and has enjoyed teaching and mentoring other veterinarians.


Dr. Eiler’s research and publications have focused on endocrinology. A decade of working with other specialists at a high-volume specialty hospital has allowed her to become knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of internal medicine.

Why Waves Mobile ACVIM?

Communicate with a boarded internist and your client in real-time. 

Maintain your close relationship with your clients by offering diagnostics in the familiarity of your clinic.

Minimize the pet owner’s stress by your direct involvement in the case.

Whenever possible, we accommodate surgical emergencies and critical cases.

Attending veterinarians are welcome to be present during the ultrasound.

Dr. Eiler has been readily available to help with complex internal medicine cases and has seamlessly worked around ours and our clients’ schedules.

Mary Ashley Waikart, DVM

The specialists I refer to are a reflection on me and my choices as a veterinarian. Dr. Eiler’s gentle touch, thorough and intuitive approach, and ability to see the big picture are priceless to me.

Hilary Quinn, DVM

Dr. Eiler is readily available for consultations on difficult internal medicine cases and feels like a partner for our hospital.

Evelyn Brand, DVM

Partner with Waves Mobile ACVIM.

On-Site Advanced Diagnostics, in the comfort of your own clinic.

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